Schell Plastics LLC is a national supplier of plastic roll stock and sheet stock serving multiple markets for extruded plastics. As you will see in our product type pages our offerings are quite extensive and versatile in a variety of applications that are adaptable to your imagination. 

To address environmental concerns of using and disposing of so much plastic material, an emphasis on recycled materials exists in our product offerings. However, if prime grade material is selected for a particular application, outlets exist for recycling and reusing the excess is readily available and are often quite lucrative for the supply chain.

An essential requirement of our product offerings is that we provide the shortest lead times and lowest minimums for custom color matches in the industry. Request for quotes are handled in a expeditous manner and generally returned within 24 hours.

Supply of our extruded products come from strategically located factories that parallel our strict adherence to good manufacturing practices and customer service. Getting you the sheet quality you want every time on time, hassle free.

We do have an extensive inventory of stock sheet and rolls with over 350 different products in inventory. So please inquire about our complete inventory listing.

General Inquires and Sales

 Brian Schell


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